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Parent Council


Parent Council Constitution can be found here

The Parent Council is a group of parents/carers selected by members of the Parent Forum to represent all the parents/carers of children at school. Parent Councils are very flexible groups and the Parent Forum can decide on the type of group it wants to represent their views. A Parent Council could get involved in:

  • Supporting the work of the school
  • Gathering and representing parents’ views to the Head Teacher, Education Authority and HMIe
  • Promoting contact between the school, parents/carers, children and their local community
  • Fundraising
  • Involvement in the appointment of senior school staff

Parent Councils are recognised in law from August  2007. As a statutory body, the Parent Council has the right to information and advice on matters which affect children and young people’s education. The school and the local authority must listen to what the Parent Council says and give it a proper response. Every school’s Parent Council will be different because it will be parents/carers in each school who make the key decisions. The Parent Council is also entitled to support from the education authority in fulfilling its role 


Full details of this year’s elected members can be found here.