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Fundraising Activities



Opening Balance for 2016/17 was £4605.62,

So far this year we have provided / paid out the following:

  • £800 of funding to the school (£50 per class for teaching resources)
  • £118.80 for P1/2 Christmas Gifts
  • £140 for School Trip
  • £74 for Christmas Gifts (Janitors, Office Staff, etc)
  • £63.73 for Misc (Admin, License Fees, etc)

Balance at the end of term (21st Dec 2016) is £6896.80

The full Treasurer's report will be available on the website shortly.  Last year's accounts have also been audited and are held in the office.  If you wish to view the account's please contact the chair.

Fundraising Activities

Below is a list of typical Fundraising activities that occur throughout the year, and further below a chart showing net income of the events as they have occurred:

 Our provisional schedule of activities for the year can be found here.